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Caught on Camera… Treasured Wedding Photography Tips | Shopping & Services

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Caught on Camera… Treasured Wedding Photography Tips
Caught on Camera… Treasured Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding photographs are timeless pieces that help tell the story of a couple’s beginning. How often have we gazed at a photo of dear loved ones on their wedding day? Personally, I have watched my grandparents cheerfully grin as they pulled out the old photo album to take a brief moment back in time. Full of pride, they show off their pictures from back in the day, which include beautiful black and white wedding snapshots.

With this in mind, capturing the precious moments of the day you say, “I do,” is significant. You, too, will probably share the story of when you and your fiancé became one. I talked with photographer John Barker of River City Images Photo and Video. John has shot 600 weddings over the past 18 years. He offers his suggestions on preparing for your ceremony and reception photos…

  • Before searching for your photographer, think about what type of photos you want. Look at examples for inspiration. Do you prefer photojournalism instead of portrait photography? Photojournalism is more candid and centers on capturing the moment. In contrast, portrait photography concentrates more on staged shots. Although most photographers can do both, some may focus more on one type than the other. Be sure to view different photographers’ works so that you can get a clear idea of their style and if it fits what you want.
  • “The venue makes a big difference in how your photos come out,” John says. “Try to have available light at least for your ceremony.” Natural light makes a difference. A venue with windows can enhance the beauty of your precious moments caught on camera. If this is not possible, try to at least be sure there’s a way to take your photographs outside. Perhaps your wedding location has an exquisite fountain or color-filled butterfly garden that provides the perfect background.
  • On your big day, if you want to get snapshots of yourself with certain loved ones, like a favorite aunt, then let them know ahead of time. Perhaps the rehearsal dinner will afford a good opportunity for you to ask. This saves time in preventing a search party from seeking them out on the wedding day.
  • Want more timesaving advice? Give your bridal party notice that they’ll have to show up for the wedding 30 minutes before the actual time they’re supposed to… It’s a little “white lie” that keeps the stress down, latecomers on time, and money saved from going overtime with your photographer. 
  • “Be sure you know who your photographer is,” says John. “Some [photographers] will have someone else come out to take your photos.” In addition, make certain your photographer’s personality fits yours as well as that of your hubby-to-be. This will lessen any potential friction during the ceremony and reception.

To find out how you can make your wedding day memories frozen in time, John is a valuable source.

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