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Add Your Artistic Glitz, Glam... Mix With Lots of Fun | Shopping & Services

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Add Your Artistic Glitz, Glam... Mix With Lots of Fun
Add Your Artistic Glitz, Glam... Mix With Lots of Fun

Adding bling or subtle gems to accentuate your beauty on your wedding day is a must. Donning a lovely necklace, bracelet, and earrings will increase the brilliance of your look and those of your bridesmaids. To achieve that special flair, I visited Pamela Fox, U Design Jewelry independent representative, at her jewelry design studio in Douglasville… and what a treat! When I walked in, my eyes were greeted with an amazing selection of colorful Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls, glass beads, and wooden beads.

Pamela provided expertise in ways to creatively add glitz to your big day in a memorable, exciting way… 

  • “The bride can come in and create jewelry to complement her gown,” she says. Bring in a photo of your gown to help you design a set of jewelry that will suit the style and color of your dress. Pamela helped me design a beautiful set of earrings to complement my wedding dress as well as a hot southwestern-style bracelet for my casual wear.
  • “I’ve had bridesmaids get together and create a piece of jewelry for each day of the bride’s honeymoon,” says Pamela. “They were able to see what she was wearing and design jewelry to match.” 
  • “Personalized hand-stamped jewelry is a hit,” she shares. Creating a custom bracelet or necklace for bridesmaids as a “thank you” is popular.
  • “At bridal showers, everyone can make jewelry,” she says. Moms, bridesmaids, friends, and family members can all partake in the fun of creating their own items. Personally, when I designed my earrings and bracelet, I felt like a girl again playing “dress up,” except these pieces were for especially for us grown-ups.

There are many jewelry pieces that you can design or that Pamela can custom design for your wedding. In fact, on your first order, you will receive 30 percent off if you mention this blog. For more information, contact her at 770-401-9047.