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House of hoarder in Douglasville | News

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House of hoarder in Douglasville

DOUGLASVILLE, Ga -- Douglas County Animal Control is investigating the owner of a home on Brown Street where they found nearly 50 pets living in deplorable conditions. They believe the home was being used solely as a shelter for the hoarded animals.

"We consider it to be a cruelty case just because of the conditions that the animals were having to live in," said Douglas County Animal Services Director Bill Peacock.

Peacock said investigators got a search warrant to go in the house because the odor was so strong when they knocked on the door. "There was feces and urine all over the floors and all throughout the house," he said. "The ammonia smell was horrendous."

Investigators removed 15 dogs, six cats, 26 birds and a ferret from the home. The dogs were mostly small varieties like terrier and Chihuahua mixes. The birds were parakeets, cockatiels and parrots. All of the animals appeared to be well nourished.

Peacock said there was no power in the home. It had been shut off in February.

The owner of the home is not being identified because the investigation is in the early stages. Peacock said the owner has been charged with animal cruelty in the past and will likely face charges again.


"What we hope is that we can convince the owners to release ownership of all the animals to the shelter," Peacock said. They could also get a court order to gain control of the animals.

If they get control Peacock said none of the animals would be put down. They would all be put up for adoption once the investigation is completed.

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