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License renewal leads Douglasville woman to her lost loved ones | News

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License renewal leads Douglasville woman to her lost loved ones

DOUGLASVILLE, Ga - A drivers license renewal and a new Georgia law helped Brenda Seedorf find the loved ones who were only rumors for more than sixty years.

"I really didn't have any family left," said Seedorf. "This is like a new life for me. My blood relatives that I have found."

This weekend, the north Georgia mountains will host a family reunion like none other as Seedorf meets cousins, nephews, and nieces she didn't know existed until just recently.

The revelations came about because of a new law requiring her to show a birth certificate to renew her license.

Brenda Seedorf was just a baby when her mother took her from the rest of the family, then abandoned her at the age of 4. She spent years not only trying to find her parents, but also trying to get her hands on her original birth certificate. She hoped the document might provide her with information about any brothers or sisters.

Time and time again, she was told her birth certificate was locked away with her adoption papers. Seedorf gave up.

Then a new Georgia brought long lines and frustration to the Georgia Department of Drivers Services, but enlightenment to Brenda Seedorf. The law requires drivers to show a birth certificate or passport to renew a driver's license.

Seedorf tried again and received her birth certificate. That's how she learned she had four siblings -- a brother three sisters.

"I became so excited," said Seedorf. "I set out on this quest to find them."

She did, first finding brother Clyde Free living in the north Georgia mountains.

"I was overwhelmed, I'm still overwhelmed," said Free. "I still can't believe it."

Seedorf has found three of her four siblings. She continues to look for her sister. She is also looking forward to Saturday's reunion, one that will prove blood is thicker than time or distance.


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