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Residents want changes on highway where teen was killed | News

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Residents want changes on highway where teen was killed

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ga. -- Concerns are growing over part of a highway in Douglas County where a teen died Wednesday.

Sixteen-year-old Joshua Murphy was killed when Georgia State Patrol said somehow he crossed the centerline and hit another car that carried three other teens.

People who live in that area call it a blind curve and want the state to make changes to make it safer for everyone.

"People aren't just doing 40, they're not just doing 50 they're coming around there at a good amount of speed and I understand they can't straighten out the road, but there's got to be a way," said Shannon Mobley.

She lives just feet from the deadly accident.

"I watched that young man take his final breath and it shouldn't have never happened," said Mobley.

She’s watched seven accidents happen nearly in her yard. 

"I’ve watched my 19-year-old when she was at Alexander High School almost have her bus rear-ended," Mobley added.

Right now, the speed limit near that curve is 45 miles per hour. She wants to see it lowered even more. 

"It takes a split second for something bad to happen. Somehow or another they've got to control that curve,” she added.  "I don't ever want to see anything like that again. Ever. I just can't."