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10-year-old aims to feed families on Thanksgiving | Community Spirit

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10-year-old aims to feed families on Thanksgiving
10-year-old aims to feed families on Thanksgiving

DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. -- It's really about a simple idea: you see someone in need, and you help them.

Here is a 10-year-old from Douglasville who's following through.

Beau Wilkins learned at a young age that not everyone has what he has.

"Every time we would drive under the bridges [in Atlanta], we would see the homeless people who live under there," said his mother, Allison. "He would always ask me, 'Why are they there?'"

"They have nowhere to live," said Beau. "They're just sitting there and … I just want to help them."

Last Thanksgiving, Beau says, "I asked my mom, 'Does everybody have turkey on Thanksgiving?' And she said, 'No'."

At that moment, says Beau's mother, Allison, "He literally wanted to take his meal, his plate, to someone, to feed it to them."

The Wilkins family decided to wait for this Thanksgiving ... and to feed far more than one family.

They are aiming to feed 50.

They have found a caterer to smoke all the turkeys and ten people to help deliver. Beau has been spreading the word on a GoFundMe page. He will also help cook all the sides the day before.

Why go to so much trouble? Beau says it best:

"I think it's important to help other people. And it's like, everybody's family, so we need to help family."