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Vicente is Joining Us – Will You?

In September 2010, the Corporate Executive Board hosted its inaugural Finance and Strategy Summit in Washington, DC, welcoming hundreds of senior executives to discuss the challenges facing them as the economy moved from recession to slow growth.

Due to the success of the first meeting, we are expanding the series and hosting an event especially tailored for UK and European executives.  Please join us on 5-6 October in London for our 2011 Finance and Strategy Summit, and contact me for more detail.

DASANI® Blue Crew Rewarded 1,000 Atlanta Residents for Random Acts of Greenness

DASANI® Blue Crew Rewarded 1,000 Atlanta Residents for Random Acts of Greenness

DASANI Celebrated its New PlantBottle® Packaging by Giving Back to Local Eco-Samaritans

The first 100 percent recyclable beverage packages made with plants were made readily available on April 4, 2011 to people across the U.S. To recognize the little things people do to live more sustainably, a DASANI Blue Crew attended two big events in Atlanta on April 16 and April 17 and thanked residents for partaking in eco-friendly activities. The local effort helped to celebrate the national launch of DASANI PlantBottle® packaging – a 100 percent recyclable bottle made of up to 30 percent plants.

More than 1,000 Atlanta residents were “caught,” by the DASANI Blue Crew, being environmental do-gooders.

WEE gearing up for business expo

WEE gearing up for business expo

DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. -- The Douglasville-based Women's Entrepreneurial Exchange (WEE) will host its fourth Entrepreneurial Expo on Thursday, Apr. 28 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

This exciting and much-anticipated event will be held at the Centre at Arbor Connection (7475 Douglas Boulevard, 30135).

In addition to networking, the expo will also feature plenty of entertainment, shopping and showcasing from some of the area's most successful business owners -- both men and women.

For more information about the event, contact Judy Brantley (via email or at 770-354-5580) or Trudy Holdman (via email or at 678-949-8454).

WEE to host West Georgia career fair

WEE to host West Georgia career fair

DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. -- The Women's Entrepreneurial Exchange (WEE) is sponsoring a local career fair on Wednesday, Mar. 30.

The fair will be at the Douglasville Downtown Conference Center (6701 Church Street, 30134) from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

WEE members hope that this event will help to bridge the gap between employers and potential employees in an attempt to lower the high unemployment rate in West Georgia.

Attendees are asked to dress professionally and bring plenty of copies of their résumés.

To RSVP for the career fair, contact Trudy Holdman either via email or at 678-949-8454.

What's Ahead With WaySouth Media, Inc.

What's Ahead With WaySouth Media, Inc.

A few notes about what’s in the works with 

Economic Uncertainty Persists at Year's End

Economic Uncertainty Persists at Year's End

CARROLLTON, GA -- The economy began recovering in 2010 from the deepest recession since the 1930s, but that recovery seemed to go in fits and spurts with no clear trajectory.

As for 2011, expect more growth, but with a continued pattern of uncertainty, said Bill Schaniel, an economist with the University of West Georgia.

"This year will be a year that will be remembered as being both not as good as some hoped -- there was no significant reduction in the unemployment rate -- but not as bad as many feared, as there was no double dip in the recession," said Schaniel. "This year did see the technical end of the recession, but for most people, the recession will end when there is significant job growth."

In 2010, the economy grew at a steady rate in the January-March quarter.

NACA Problems

ATLANTA - Thousands of people waited for hours outside the World Congress Center this past June desperate to save their homes.

It was called the " Save the Dream Tour ", organized by a group called NACA, The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America. The group works with banks to help homeowners lower their mortgages. However, after the event was over our Center for Investigative Action started hearing complaints from homeowners who didn't get what was promised. 

We stepped in to help a Douglasville woman, Vanessa Gittens, get what was promised. After broadcasting her story many more people came to our studios with the same problem.

"How many went to the Dream Tour?" I asked the group.