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Vicente is Joining Us – Will You? | Business

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Vicente is Joining Us – Will You?

In September 2010, the Corporate Executive Board hosted its inaugural Finance and Strategy Summit in Washington, DC, welcoming hundreds of senior executives to discuss the challenges facing them as the economy moved from recession to slow growth.

Due to the success of the first meeting, we are expanding the series and hosting an event especially tailored for UK and European executives.  Please join us on 5-6 October in London for our 2011 Finance and Strategy Summit, and contact me for more detail.

This year, Vicente Fox, a former president of Mexico and, before that, President Coca-Cola de México and Latin America will provide his perspective on the way business can interact with government, and the role that government should play in emerging markets.

Recently, a group of European heads of strategy met at The Hague to discuss the challenges western companies are facing in emerging markets. The key, however, is to ensure that your firm is prepared before making any investment decisions. Some of the heads of strategy in our Corporate Strategy Board network also say that adapting business models to local context is one of their most important imperatives.

Will emerging market needs and developed market needs ever converge?  Emerging markets seems to be a phrase heard every day in a wide variety of contexts, and the summit provides an opportunity to hear what some of the world’s leading executives are doing to capitalize on the opportunities that will be thrown up by the next 10 years of change.