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NACA Problems

ATLANTA - Thousands of people waited for hours outside the World Congress Center this past June desperate to save their homes.

It was called the " Save the Dream Tour ", organized by a group called NACA, The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America. The group works with banks to help homeowners lower their mortgages. However, after the event was over our Center for Investigative Action started hearing complaints from homeowners who didn't get what was promised. 

We stepped in to help a Douglasville woman, Vanessa Gittens, get what was promised. After broadcasting her story many more people came to our studios with the same problem.

"How many went to the Dream Tour?" I asked the group.

Everyone responded telling us that they all went. When asked if they got what was promised, we repeatedly heard, "No follow through, no follow through. No follow through." 

We contacted NACA to ask about these people and NACA's public relations rep Darren Duarte said, "I figured when you aired that story that would happen."

NACA says they are still having trouble getting the banks to do their part but homeowners we talked with told us, NACA is just as much to blame for not being organized and following through with promises that were made.

We've sent all the homeowners documentation to NACA and are now waiting to see what can be done. 3 of the 7 people who came to our studios say they are now being threatened with foreclosure. We will continue to follow this story and let you know what happens. We also plan to contact their banks to seek assistance with what the homeowners say they were promised at the "Save the Dream Tour"