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American Shingle and Siding Shuts Its Doors

Thousands of homeowners have been left in the lurch by an Atlanta based roofing company.
It abruptly closed its doors after taking large deposits from homeowners for roofing jobs and not finishing the work.
Now our center for investigative action has learned a criminal investigation is underway.

The Bibb County Sheriff's Department in Macon has launched an investigation after American Shingle and Siding closed its doors earlier this month after taking large deposits from homeowners for roofing work. Captain Mike Smallwood said,""There will be criminal charges." He believe the company will be charged with theft by conversion.

The owner of American Shingle, Carlton DeWayne Dunko, says he did not deposit those checks and plans to return them. However, he said he had gotten into financial difficulty has was using new deposits to pay creditors rather than using the money to do the specific jobs that the deposits were for.

Republican Candidate for Governor Backtracks on "Open Mind" on Casinos

Atlanta, GA (AP)-- Republican gubernatorial hopeful Nathan Deal is backpedaling on casinos after at least one prominent Christian
conservative activist called to voice concerns.
Deal created a stir when he said earlier this month that he was
willing to keep an "open mind" about the possibility of casinos
in Georgia. This week, Deal spokesman Brian Robinson said the
former congressman from Gainesville "personally opposes casino
gambling" and doesn't believe they're the best way to spur the
state's economy. Robinson wouldn't say whether Deal would sign a
veto a casino bill if one landed on his desk.
The campaign of Deal's opponent, Democrat Roy Barnes, said
Deal's waffling shows he "is too unsteady for the job" of
Roy Barnes for Governor: www.roy2010.com
Nathan Deal for Governor: www.nathandeal.org

Metro Atlanta Armyworm Invasion Could Be Worst in 30 Years

ATLANTA -- Homeowners all over Metro Atlanta are watching their lawns go brown, unaware that the culprit is a fast and furious army busy feeding on their fescue.

In Douglas County, Vernon Pigg assumed the dry brown patches that have scorched his backyard were all the result of the brutally hot weather. One evening, he saw his grass tremble.

"The wind wasn't blowing, but you could see the blades moving," said Pigg. "Then you get to looking closer and you could find the worms."

What he found chewing on his yard were hundreds of armyworms. Despite the name, they aren't really worms at all. They're actually caterpillars that eventually become moths, not until they've done their damage.

Gibbs Landscape was called out to treat Buckhead lawn that is bristling with brown.

"The damage happened in the course of one night," said Gibbs Landscape General Manager Hugh Cooper.

Injured Officer Ready to Patrol, Again

DOUGLASVILLE, GA -- A Palmetto police sergeant who nearly lost life in a car crash last September is ready to return to patrol duties.

"I'm as ready as I can be," said Sgt. Lee Gragg of Douglasville. "I'll never know if I can do it unless I get out there and try."

Sgt. Gragg was working at a road safety check on September 10, 2009, when a driver with an outstanding warrant began to reach for something in his car.

Sgt. Gragg grabbed his arm, and the driver floored it, dragging Gragg with him.

"He hit a concrete mailbox doing 70 miles per hour," he said. "I got thrown 20 feet in the air and hit head first."

The driver died at the scene.

Sgt. Gragg suffered a traumatic brain injury, lost the vision in his left eye, broke his back, ribs and 17 bones in his face.

"You just never think you're gonna get that phone call," said Shelly Gragg, Lee's wife of 17 years. "We sat in the ER that night just not knowing."